Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1PHL Sdn Bhd

Business Case:
The company has fully utilise the financial resources (drain) and the revenue has not been able to pay all the bills. The main customer 'which is the government' has change the policy and emphasis on 'DIY' and only buy 50% or even less from 1PHL Sdn Bhd.
The company is in the need to engage marketers and set-up the marketing department

Post Mortem
  • Core Business: Diagnostic, Consultancy and R&D.
  • Primary: Diagnostic
  • Secondary: Trading
  • Supporting Function: Consultancy

  • Focus on other related business which is more profitable
  • Developed new nich market based on capability to server
  • Build Brand Equity by doing collaboration
  • Collaborate with PPIM to create awareness of the new business area
Action Plan
  • Get 'appointment letter' to DMSB or EDG Corporation Sdn Bhd
  • Waiting on the write up on (X- Issues: 3(x) appearence)
  • Meeting with PPIM and MOU with the choosen Partner
AA, MZA, KZ and 1PHL Sdb Bhd Partner

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  1. Progress

    1. Analysis on Market
    2. Collaborate with new Agency, waiting for appointment.